Alex Jones: The Lunatic

It’s pretty tough for me to write an informative post about Alex Jones. If I was to sum it up in a concise manner I would say that he is probably one of the most popular conspiracy theorists out there. Like any theorist, everything is a conspiracy because his central conspiracy is the New World Order. Books and books could be written on this topic, so you can check out the New World Order at Wikipedia to get a good idea of what it is.

This same delusion is something that you find in just about all Ron Paul supporters. If you hear a supporter claim they don’t like Alex Jones it most likely has nothing to do with his crazy views. It most likely is related to the fact that Jones doesn’t hold Jewish conspiracies that are often associated with the New World Order. This causes a conspiracy rift inside the Ron Paul/Libertarian movement.

Some Alex Jones conspiracies include:

  • 9/11 was an inside job
  • Oklahoma City Bombing was a government plot (to steal guns from Americans)
  • The New World Order is putting things in our food to turn us gay
  • The UN wants to exterminate 80% of the worlds population
  • The UN wants to take over the world and have a one world government (and steal guns)
  • And a lot more

It’s hard to write a page on Alex Jones because there are so many different types of crazy that comes out of his mouth that I can’t get it all. I think one single video can explain exactly what kind of crazed lunatic this guy really is.

There are also countless videos and audio recordings of Ron Paul coming on Alex Jones radio program to talk about the New World Order and all the different tangents that come from that topic. Check out some of the links below:

Alex Jones has also produced a number of “documentaries”. They’re not documentaries, just the same way that Michael Moore’s films are not documentaries. They’re political motivated pieces of film. There are a few dozen, but I’ll list a few of the ones that I’ve actually seen.

  • 911 The Road to Tyranny
  • Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove
  • Police State 3: Total Enslavement

All the videos are retarded and based on the same loose logic and outright lies you’ll hear on his radio show. I don’t advise anyone to ever watch any of his documentaries as you will lose part of your life.

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  1. Tim says:

    ive been watching Alex Jones for about 4 years now. i was first introduced to his topics of interest from watching the movies Loose Change, and Endgame, Blueprint for global enslavement. after that i decided to pay attention a little more and watch the movie Fall of the Republic. and i have to say after watching these movies and watching what has been happening in the government especially in the last 4 years i honestly believe what alex jones has been reporting. most of his data is documented, if he cant show it to you directly you can look up the news reports on his website. all the tools are right there.

    i will admit however, like the above video…. sometimes i do feel alex goes a little overboard with his emotions.. yes he sometimes goes off the deep end and starts screaming. sometimes he doesnt let people finish their topics. but lets ask a question now. if he is such a lunatic, why is CNN starting to ask him to appear, or fox, or Pierce Morgan? why is he becoming one of the most recognized theorists out there? hmm?

    i dont think its because he has intense emotional ticks.
    i do agree he could calm down a bit when on someone else’s show. but when you are holding papers after papers of reports of these atrocities he is talking about and these things are admitted, if you watch he shows you where to find each and every page to confirm what he says.

    if you think he is lying, ill challenge you. go on his website, prison or, pick a subject, any subject, prove him wrong. if you can prove him wrong. he has stated that he would publicly apologize for handing out incorrect information. prove him wrong. if you dont. well… then keep YOUR opinion to yourself.

    • John says:

      You know this guy claims Bush and Queen Elizabeth are shape shifting aliens, right ?

      • Amrit says:

        No he does not. David Icke is the one that claims that and Alex Jones has stated he thinks Icke is crazy to think so.

    • Jason says:

      That’s an empty challenge, sir. Everyone that tries to prove Alex wrong gets the king of runarounds, even when they show him the tabloid he got his information from. Once someone is in bed with their conspiracy there is no proving them wrong, no matter how many facts you bring to the table. There is no such thing to a conspiracy theorist, particularly on Alex’s level, as a magic bullet fact. Not against them, mind you – on the other hand they have bandoliers of magic bullets and the only problem they have is getting people to listen. By people they mean the average joe on the street, not any sort of authority figure with influence, power, and wealth. Anyone who doesn’t listen and believe the magic bullet is, obviously, inert and ignorant and may God have mercy on their soul for being part of the system.

      Are there conspiracies? Does our government conspire within itself? Does it conspire with other governments? This is without a doubt. Anyone who has existed in a small group setting where several groups exist independent of one another but in the same environment, they’re going to mingle. Some will make deals with other groups, exchange information, wager for results, etc. For some people it can ONLY be malicious. For others it is a good thing. And then for some it’s a matter of watching for trouble that inevitably will happen because self-interest eventually will override group loyalty, whole loyalty, or even friendship within group loyalty.

      For Alex, every member of every group is evil and selfish, except for one member in one group with represents the average American who doesn’t know his government is screwing him. Oh, and the member that represents himself and his followers, of course. Two people in an entire classroom against an entire classroom.

      That’s Alex. Can’t see those dots for what they are, only what he wants them to be so he can be right.

    • Chuck says:


      I respect your perspective, but as one who has devotedly followed AJ since the late 90s (about 16 years), I can say unequivocally that he’s wrong far more often than he’s right. I’m beginning to wonder if his whole shtick is just an act to enhance his cottage industry. If not, then he’s borderline psychotic. Normal people don’t have that many fits of rage. There’s not been just an occasional outburst… he consistently goes off the rails.

      His allure finally wore off when I began to objectively scrutinize his many predictions. Following is a list of a few of his failures: 42 Failed Alex Jones Predictions

      Simply because he was always railing against the establishment, I bought his conspiratorial outlook, hook, line and sinker. Those who don’t trust government are prime targets for the Jones’ Kool Aid.

      Tim, he’s leading many astray with his fear mongering… and he’s fostering irrationality. I’m beginning to believe that conspiratorialism is a mental condition that causes one to lose touch with reality. Everything is seen through a jaundiced lens. There are no random acts of terror. Instead, all school shootings/bombings are neatly ordered into the machinations of an overarching enemy. It’s an overly simplistic worldview. There’s always an evil “they” who want to enslave us. This mindset causes mental instability and I believe it’s dangerous.

      So instead of owning up to the fact that he’s fostering an environment conducive for crazies to go out and do terrible things for the “cause”, he blames these insane acts of violence on the nefarious “they”. At the very least, he’s irresponsible. At worst, he’s certifiably psychotic.

      At any rate, I wish you luck. Thanks for your thoughts, though I obviously have a wholly different perspective.

      • Rose says:


        You absolutely called it like it is, perfect take on the undeniable TRUTH about Alex Jones. With his recent media attention, which he surely is reveling in, I hope that a few more folks are exposed to what he truly is….a certifiable psychotic. Total narcissist as well, claiming now that he was really the target of “them” and the couple who carried out the mass shooting in Las Vegas were merely pawns….false flag of course. I respect your opinions on Jones, seems that 16 years is plenty of exposure to the madness that he unleashes. Neato vitamins, supplements, bug out gear, etc. he schleps to his disciples for egregious amounts of $, which any day now will be worth almost zero, collapsing the US economy. HA, hard to even read back over this and think he is on the lose there in TX.
        Best Regards,

    • Sloop says:

      My favorite is when he gives advice on healthy organic eating despite being pretty fat.