Debunking 9/11 Conspiracies

This is an ongoing research project to debunk 9/11 conspiracies. This is unrelated to the other aspects of this website, though Ron Paul supporters (as a whole) do believe in many of these conspiracies. People that believe in these conspiracies should have a special place in hell reserved just for them.

9/11 has by far produced the most amount of conspiracies in modern history. These conspiracies can range from the government let it happen, all the way to elaborate hologram planes and bombs. Most of these ideas are baseless in reality and have absolutely no evidence. People that gravitate to conspiracies tend to hold a specific narrative of the world, such as the ‘US government is evil’, ‘Western power is malevolent’ or whatever. If you believe these things than you inevitably will gravitate to views that support such claims.

Disclaimer: My intent is to not necessarily disprove the conspiracies (though in many cases I will), but my intention is to show that events and official narrative of the day is indeed truthful. Often conspiracy theorists will latch onto things that may cause the official story to not look accurate, which inevitably leads to the vastly larger conspiracy. I’m not trying to convince anyone that the conspiracies are false because if you’re gullible enough to believe it than you’re not open to reason.

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  1. The WTC was Nuked on 9/11

The WTC was Nuked on 9/11

Source: Veterans Now (Anti-Semitic, Conspiracy website): Mystery Solved: The WTC was Nuked on 9/11

The hypothesis here is that the WTC buildings 1, 2 and 6 were taken by nuclear weapons. The article itself is quite wordy with many unsourced claims to a variety of random “facts”. Concise diction isn’t exactly the conspiracy theorists strong suit. The easiest way to go through this is by taking on the main premises used in the argument.

Premise #1: Debris was ejected up at a 45 degree angle and out for hundreds of feet

The explosives that demolished the Twin Towers were so powerful that North Tower debris was ejected up at a 45° angle and out over 600 feet into the Winter Garden.

Let’s deal with the first item and that is the 45 degree angle claim. It’s perfectly reasonable for debris to fly in a variety of directions when the floors above came pancaking down. Most of the debris comes directly out the sides, as would be expected with floors pancaking.

The construction of a building isn’t quite as simple as flat pancakes stacked up. Shafts exist within the building for a variety of services. Elevators and stair shafts being the largest of all of them. Smaller ones exist such as HVAC ductwork, data and electrical shafts. These run vertically and also go between many of the floors. As the floors started to pancake down, the vaporized debris flowed from high pressure to low pressure, which means by any means necessary. HVAC ductwork being the easily accessible on all floors. This is a perfectly reasonable explanation for why you can have debris fly in a variety directions, including 45 degrees.

As for the distant of 600 feet, there is very little offered in the way of evidence that 600 feet is in anyway excessive. With buildings in excess of 1700 feet, the distance really isn’t that “amazing”. Since the statement on the website was merely an uneducated opinion, I’ll disagree with it being an excessive distance.

Premise #2: 90% of the building laid outside the foot print of the building

90% of the debris from the Twin Towers destruction landed outside the building’s footprints.

This is about the easiest to debunk. If 100% of the building laid right on the foot print of the building, we’d have the World Trade Centers on September 10th 2011. The idea of a skyscraper collapsing in an uncontrolled (or controlled for that mater) demolition all residing on the foot print of the building is asinine.

Premise #3: Only a nuclear weapon could do this

What type of explosives could cause this sort of damage? The only thing known to man that can explain this is nuclear bombs.

I’m not suggesting that a bomb blew up the WTC’s, but this claim is completely asinine as a number of bombs could do the same thing (45 degree angles, 600 feet, 90% off foot print of building).

Premise #4: High amounts of Tritium was found at the WTC after the collapse

The Department of Energy (DOE) collected water samples from the basement of Building 6 eleven days after 9/11 that showed tritium levels 55 times greater than background. How does this prove fusion?

Well, let’s be smart people and do a little research on tritium. What does Wikipedia have to say about it? “Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. […] Tritium is an important component in nuclear weapons.” Oh wow. This sounds like scary stuff. Were the conspiracy theorists right all this time? Nahh!

Tritium can be used for nuclear weapons, but it also has very important uses in a building like the World Trade Center. The more popular use of the substance is to make things glow. Tritium near phosphors will cause it to glow [1]Tritium Illumination – Wikipedia. The biggest item in the WTC buildings would be the exit signs that contain this substance. There would have been dozens of exit signs on each floor of WTC 1 and 2. There is another source of tritium that is unique to the WTC situation: weapon sights use it. This means all the armed security personal and police officers that rushed into the building on that day [2]Tritium Illuminated Gun Sights. The planes also contained tritium, again, for illumination purposes. Watches also contain this same use.

Since I have a desire to know the truth, I discovered a great study on the subject. Let’s read the conclusion:

34{.3} Ci of tritium were released from the two Boeing 767 on impact with the Twin
Towers at the World Trade Center. The limited measurements and modeling are consistent with
an instantaneous (catastrophic) creation of HTO [tritiated water] from the aircraft emergency signs, deposition of
a small fraction of it at ground zero and water-flow controlled removal from the site. The
modeling suggests that the contribution from the aircraft would imply the HTO [tritiated water] deposition
fraction of [3]%, a value which is judged somewhat too high. Therefore, the source term from
the airplanes alone is insufficient to explain the measurements and modeling.

Several weapons were present and destroyed at [the]WTC. The modeling is also
consistent with the second tritium source from the weapon sights (plus possibly tritium watches)
where tritium was slowly released from the debris in the lingering fires, followed by an oxidation
and removal with the water flow. Such a limiting case would require a minimum of 115 weapons
and a quantitative capturing of tritium. Therefore, such a mechanism alone [seems in]sufficient,
which indicates that the weapon/watch source complemented the airplane source.

Study By: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Title: Elevated tritium levels at the World Trade Center

And there you have it. A perfectly reasonable reason for why there would be levels of tritium at the World Trade Center after the attack. If they were truly looking for the truth, they would have found such a study.

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