• Ferguson: Brutal Police State or Lawless Rioting Mob

    It’s these kinds of current events that allow the crazy ideologies to come out. When it comes to normal discussions on the same regular political topics it’s easy for these libertarians to stick together, but what happens when it isn’t so simple? The same was true with the death of Nelson Mandela.

    Here is the thread in question (via Google Redirect).

    What I love the most about these threads is how you’ll notice people will do their best to choose their words wisely to stick with the usual narrative. Let’s review a few of these:

    You can’t prove these aren’t paid provocateurs. People hired to prove that harsh police retaliation is required, and more money and powers are needed.

    Well of course, no one could possibly just be “bad”. The government had to pay people to be bad to paint this horrible picture and expand the police state. #conspiracy

    I think the best piece of drama on this whole post is Michael Nystrom, the owner of DailyPaul. He’s also pretty much a Paul fanatic and is a conspiracy theorist. What does he have to say?

    I’m ashamed to have you as a member of the Daily Paul
    You choose the police state over your fellow humans? Shame on you.

    Show a few shots of violence on CNN, and people are not just cheering for – but begging for – the Police State.

    So predictable. We have all expect this kind of ignorant reactionary talk from the “sheeple” that are so derided around here, but from Daily Paulers?

    My fault. My bad for letting my expectations get too high.
    And yes, eventually they’ll be coming after you.

    How dare any of you Daily Paulers take the side of the police. By doing that you’re only helping the police state and eventually the police will come get you to murder you or something. LOL.

    I also found this little screenshot in a different thread… It wouldn’t be a good conspiracy if someone didn’t claim it was staged.
    Ferguson Staged Actors