There are a lot of different terms that I end up using on this website, so I thought it would be smart to have a glossary. A lot of people don’t know what they’re dealing with when it comes to Ron Paul and his supporters. The traditional points of view go out the window and you’re left with an odd dogma. This page is designed for the terms people don’t understand and if there is something you need just ask.

Paultard: This is a Ron Paul supporter. And like all Ron Paul supporters they are completely obsessed with him. He can do no wrong in their eyes. Ron Paul could light the constitution on fire and they’d tell you why he just defended the constitution. They’re most likely a conspiracy theorist too.

Paulbot: See Paultard.

RP: Ron Paul

New World Order: This is a conspiracy that a group of people are trying to create a one world government dictatorship. The view splits in the libertarian movement as some are convinced “the Jews” are behind it and others think ¬†the United Nations. Either way, they hate Israel. Checkout Wikipedia’s New World Order (conspiracy theory) page.

Zionist/Zionism/Zion: The actual definition of this term is the Jewish political movement for the Jewish people’s own homeland. When you hear a Paultard use these terms, basically they’re saying “I hate Jews”, “Jews run the media”, *insert generic Elder’s of Zion hate crap*, etc. Throwing out the Z-word every now and then is fine, but when people use it as a weapon it has crossed into anti-semitism.

Constitutionalist: This is a person that follows the constitution of the United States and this is their political philosophy. Ron Paul, like most constitutionalists, hide behind the term constitution to hide their ¬†opinions on various subjects. This should be quite apparent to non-Paulbots as the constitution is just a piece of paper with rules put on it. The philosophical undertones of that document rest with the founding fathers of the United States. Saying you’re a supporter of a piece of paper means nothing. It’s basically how Ron Paul gets out of sticky situations. When he says he doesn’t want to define marriage as between a man and woman, he means constitutionally as in the Federal government. At the state level his opinions are very theocratic and you’re damn right he’s against gay marriage.

Right Wing Extremist: Homeland security has a pretty good view on Right Wing Extremists. Also the ADL has probably the best list for the right wingers that you can see here. Essentially, if you’re a Ron Paul supporter, believe in the New World Order and own assault rifles you’re a right wing extremist. Unfortunately, a lot of Paultards have assault rifles and believe in the New World Order.

Globalist: This is someone that believes in globalization, the opening up of world markets and making the world more integrated economically (a very good thing). Paultards use it as a mainstream word for New World Order members. It’s used the same way they use the term Zionist for their anti-Semitic attacks.