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One of the lesser known Ron Paul supporters, James von Brunn, is the Holocaust Museum shooter. At the time, the first reports came in that this was a “right wing extremist”, I instantly thought of another Ron Paul supporter that was at it again. I did a lot of my own personal digging into this to find out what I could. A lot of this was found on my own and I want to present it as that. Others have found great information (often the same) and I want to give them credit for that. There is great information on the subject at Little Green Footballs and more from Adam Holland.

Well, here is what I found out. A lot of links to items will be Google Cache and the reason for this is that a lot of this guys online stuff has been deleted, mainly by supporters who don’t want to appear to be associated with it. I’ll try to present as many screenshots as I can to preserve the information.

Once the news first reported the shooters name and the before search results of Google were polluted with the current event, it was easy to find this guys website. The site holywesternempire.org was his site and where he presented a lot of his ideas. He used it to sell his book “Kill the Best Gentiles”. Though this site was taken down shortly after the shooting, Archive.org’s time machine allows us to see how it looked. Click here to see what I’m talking about. He also shared the first six chapters of his book, which you can view here. Once you have a webpage you can do a domain whois and see who owns it, so that’s what I did and the following information is what I got.

Domain ID: D38004534-LROR 
Created On: 18-Oct-2000 15: 47: 10 UTC 
Last Updated On: 03-Apr-2009 19: 05: 16 UTC 
Expiration Date: 18-Oct-2009 15: 47: 10 UTC 
Sponsoring Registrar: DirectNIC LTD (R48-LROR) 
Registrant ID: IMG-868380 
Registrant Name: Steve Reimink 
Registrant Organization: HWE 
Registrant Street1: 15584 Lake Michigan Drive 
Registrant Street2: 
Registrant Street3: 
Registrant City: West Olive 
Registrant State/Province: MI 
Registrant Postal Code: 49460 
Registrant Country: US 
Registrant Phone: 1.6168422155 
Registrant Phone Ext.: 
Registrant FAX: 
Registrant FAX Ext.: 
Registrant Email: steveo1488@hotmail.com

The good news is that the domain wasn’t using a proxy service and I was able to obtain all this important information. I digged a little further and did a reverse look up on the phone number. At the time (a few years ago) I was able to track down the name listed for this phone number. It was listed under the name of Patty Thompson and listed under the same address. A simple local search later and I found Patty.

I was actually pretty surprised at how much information I was able to dig up on those that kept a Nazi’s website online. The usual Ron Paul supporter is very private and hidden because they fear “the Government”, but if you want to organize and campaign for a politician you need to open up to the world.

I was able to track down this information from Patty’s meetup group for the Citizens Reforming American Politics. At the time I saved a screenshot of the page. You can view it here.

Googling the phone number from the domain whois gave me a lot more leads and information on other groups like this one.

Ron Paul-Organization, Michigan
updated January 15, 2008
Headquarters: 18981 Telegraph Rd, Detroit (near 7 mile) Open 10am-7pm 7 days a week
Flint HQ: G3068 Miller Rd, Flint
Unofficial Washtenaw HQ: 613 N Main St, Ann Arbor
Michigan Coordinator Leslie Roszman
(248) 442-9751

She also had her own website known as govcrap.com. I unfortunately don’t have any screenshots of the website and I’m unable to find anything today on archive.org’s time machine for it. I do have the old domain whois on it. You can view the original screenshot here.

Patty Anyanwu
15584 Lake Michigan Drive
West Olive, Michigan 49460
United States

Domain Name: GOVCRAP.COM
Created on: 08-Oct-08
Expires on: 09-Oct-09
Last Updated on: 08-Oct-08

Administrative Contact:
Anyanwu, Patty 
15584 Lake Michigan Drive
West Olive, Michigan 49460
United States
(616) 842-2155 Fax -- 

Technical Contact:
Anyanwu, Patty 
15584 Lake Michigan Drive
West Olive, Michigan 49460
United States
(616) 842-2155 Fax -- 

Domain servers in listed order:

As you can see the address and phone number are identical as before, but the big difference is that her name is no longer Patty Thompson. She is now Patty Anyanwu.

Lastly, Patty is the Michigan state coordinator of the We the People Foundation, which is a conspiracy theory foundation that tries to appear as a “constitution” foundation (just like Ron Paul does). This information is still currently up on the We the People Foundation’s website, as you can see here (link to Google). I also uploaded the PDF in question to the site, so that it will never disappear. You can view it here.

During the search on all the information I have, I am disappointed that I was unable to find much out on Steve Reimink. I did find out some information though. The media eventually found the whois information and got in contact with Steve.

At the time the website hxxps://www.todaycenter.com/events/funeral/obit_page.php?pid=13183 worked. At this time it no longer works, but it was a local obituary that gave some great information.

Obituary – Marilyn D. Reimink

West Olive

Mrs. Marilyn D. Reimink, age 69, died Sunday, July 17, 2005 at her home. She was born in Holland, Michigan on November 23, 1935 to Richard and Janet Tanis Dirkse and married Floyd Reimink on July 27, 1956 in Zeeland, MI. Mrs. Reimink had been a homemaker and she was a member of Harlem Reformed Church in Holland, MI.


Husband of 48 year, Floyd; 5 sons, Timothy Lauri Reimink of Hudsonville, MI, Thomas Reimink of West Olive, MI; Kendall Tammy Reimink of Walker, MI, Kevin Lisa of Grand Rapids, MI and Steven Patty Thompson Reimink of West Olive, MI; 2 grandchildren, Katie & Jamie Reimink; sister, Janice Richard Wyma of Zeeland, MI; brother, Ronald Miki Dirkse of Tokyo, Japan; several nieces & nephews. Mrs. Reimink was preceded in death by her parents.


Thursday, July 21, 2005, 11:00 AM at Harlem Reformed Church with Rev. John Nyitray officiating. Interment at Lakeshore Cemetery, 17200 Lincoln, Grand Haven.


Wednesday, 2-4 & 7-9 PM at Clock Funeral Home, 16777 Lincoln, Grand Haven. MEMORIAL: Harlem Reformed Church Compass Building Fund.

As you can see, this is an obituary for Steve’s mother and it shows that Steven and Patty Thompson are son and daughter in law. I think we can safely conclude that Patty’s real last name is Thompson.

Anyway, the media eventually questioned Steve about his affiliation with this website and why his name was on it. He denied it saying that he just put it up for the person and didn’t know anything about it. The media didn’t press any further. With the excessive ties to Ron Paul I knew he wasn’t really sharing the truth. Through complete luck, I was able to determine something.

Steve’s email is steveo1488@hotmail.com. It might look like an average type of email, but there is a Nazi reference in there. Nazis learned that they can’t openly express their views and came up with codes that other Nazis know about. 1488 means “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth. Heil Hitler.” You’re probably wondering how I was able to derive that information. The 14 stands for the 14 words of the neo-Nazi movement. The 88 stands for Heil Hitler. Checkout the Wikipedia page on the Fourteen Words. Here is a quote from the Wikipedia page:

White nationalists sometimes combine the number 14 with 88, as in “14/88” or “1488”. The 8s stand for the eighth letter of the alphabet (H), with ‘HH’ standing for “Heil Hitler”.

I think this guy knew exactly what he was doing helping this old man and I think he supported too.

What does James von Brunn really think?

Well, the first part of this page is dedicated to the people behind his website and the associations they had to this crazed killer, but what about James himself? What is he all about?

There are things on the internet about him that are still available. At the time I took a few screenshots because I thought they would end up being deleted after the shooting. There is a post he made on the Free Republic titled “Obama is Missing”. It’s basically a big rant about Obama’s birth certificate and all the retardation associated with such a discussion. Checking back over two years later the post is still there. You can read it from the original site here. I also include a screenshot backup taken in June 2009. You can view it here.

James von Brunn has posted his anti-Semitic crap on a Ron Paul for President Yahoo group. You can see the Google Cache here. And yet again I’ve made a screenshot back up of this. You can view it here. Despite how offensive and awful his comments on “gassing the Jews” are, according to Google Cache the post is still up and active on the Ron Paul for President Yahoo group. This is the type of integrity Ron Paul supporters have.

I think the best part of all things I found was StormFront. It’s great because I caught them and they tried to hide it. In March 2004, there was a thread created not by James von Brunn, but a thread created to praise this man. It was titled “White Racialist Treasure: James von Brunn”. Shortly after the shooting this thread was quickly and quietly deleted from their forum, but don’t worry I got a screenshot. This thread was posted by Elena Haskins.  It only had a few post at that time, but at the time of the shooting the thread became popular again. The thread degenerates in a bunch of Nazis getting upset at how they’re going to look bad. Even one poster was saying that the good news is that school trips were cancelled to the Holocaust Museum out of fear. Others, the usual Ron Paul conspiracy theorists, are saying it was a set up to create sympathy for Jews. The original post was deleted, but you can view the screenshot here.

Like I mentioned at the first of this post, he ran a website known as holywesternempire.org. I have a screenshot of the Google Cache taken on the day of the shooting. You can view it here.

What I found pretty odd about this guy is that he sold his racist and bigoted books through an LLC.


I find it very odd that someone can set up a corporate structure, sell books on the extermination of Jews and file taxes, without any sort of repercussions.

You may be surprised to learn, but this isn’t this guys first act of craziness that he has took into his own hands. James von Brunn actually was arrested for an attempt to kidnap and hold hostage members of the Federal Reserve Board. Side note: Ron Paul’s “End the Fed” and obsession with the Federal Reserve, with vast conspiracies. James served six and half years in prison for approaching the Federal Reserve Eccles building with a revolver, knife and sawed off shotgun with an attempt to kidnap.

The last bit of information I have to share with you on this lunatic is that after the police searched his computer they found child porn. You can view the article at the Washington Post here. It makes for a compelling story that involves hatred of Jews, Ron Paul, Ron Paul supporters, conspiracies, End the Fed kidnapping and finishing off with a little child porn and a Holocaust Museum shooting.

I give you James von Brunn, a Ron Paul supporter.


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