• Jerad and Amanda Miller Liked Ron Paul, Rand Paul 2016 and Alex Jones

    Jerad and Amanda Miller dressed up as Joker

    Jerad and Amanda Miller dressed up as Joker

    Who would of guessed? Anti-government, anti-police, supporter of the Bundy ranch tax fight…. yeah, who would have guessed.


    Jerad Miller sketched out his interests with the groups and individuals he “liked” on Facebook, including Operation American Spring, Alliance Defending Freedom, the National Rifle Association, The Heritage Foundation, Rand Paul 2016, Three Percenter Nation, and Ron Paul.

    Amanda Miller also “liked” Ron Paul, Freedom Works, and Three Percenter Nation, in addition to various paranormal groups, Stop Amnesty, and Drudge Report.

    And look at the other “items” that they like too. They all sort of mix together into one big happy family.

    Over at Little Green Footballs they are alleging that Jerad and Amanda both posted over at infowars on the forums. And yes, under the topic of  “The Police (To Kill or Not to Kill)”. I guess the post didn’t really raise any eyebrows over there.


    And if that isn’t crazy enough, what did Alex Jones have to say about this? Oh right, the typical conspiratard comment: staged, false flag, done by to government to steal our LibertyTM.

    Tens of millions of people are flooding here, hundreds of thousands a month, pouring over the borders, being given driver licenses in California to pull the lever to ban guns. We are in the middle of a globalist revolution against this country right now. And my gut tells me that the cold-blood degenerate evil killing of two police officers and a citizen in Las Vegas yesterday is absolutely staged.

    There’s some more about how they dressed up as the joker and that’s proof of brainwashing MKULTRA conspiracies.


    It’s all very stupid.