Linking Policy

I have a very specific intent with this website and that is to expose the real inside of the Ron Paul community. I’ve found that a more mainstream front has been presented to the world, but if you dig into the deep areas of these supporters you find some pretty crazy stuff. I am here to expose that crazy information to you.

On the other hand, I refuse to link to hate sites, Ron Paul sites, Conspiracy sites and anything that I genuinely don’t like. The reason I have a problem is that search engines like Google view a link almost like a vote for that website. It’s not exactly that simple, but that’s sort of how it works. I don’t want to tell search engines that I approve and vote for these websites. I don’t want to see them improve their results in search engines.

This is the reason why I don’t link to these sites. I know that this can make it a little more difficult to find what I’m talking about. I try my best to use Google Cache and provide the necessary screenshots if I can. I’m also counting on you as a reader to be able to find these sites (if you want) based on simple search engine keywords. Sometimes I will implement a “nofollow” attribute to outbound links at my discretion. This isn’t necessarily a “non-vote”, but ┬áthere are sites out there that I don’t necessarily view as bad. For whatever reason, it would make it easier for you to find the content I’m talking about, I would implement this.

This same policy is applicable to comment links. I’ve debated whether I should strip this site of comment links as it really doesn’t serve any purpose to the readers of this site. At of the time of writing this, comment links are active and good. In the future I might strip the comment feature. This will include all new comments and old ones too. This site wasn’t designed to be part of your websites backlinking strategy.