• Rand Paul Lied About Supporting the Civil Rights Act

    Rand Paul, trying to show how not racist he is, decided he would speak to the historically black Howard University in Washington. His exact quote, “I’ve never been against the Civil Rights Act. Ever.” Pretty bold statement from a politician. It couldn’t possibly be a lie or he just couldn’t be pandering to get a voting demographic either. I trust him!

    I lay the sarcasm on pretty thick at times. It’s something that I need to work on.


    This video gives you a good idea of what I’m talking about. He does his best to say he likes, but yeah…But you can also see that Rand Paul also does what daddy does too. He does that “I think it should be done locally”, which is similar to “that’s not in the constitution.” It’s not so subtle for everyone. But it’s annoying because it’s their go to method to avoid the question. What do you believe Paul? “ahhh, it’s not in the constitution. I believe in the constitution.”

    As you can see he doesn’t support it. And he lies about it. Which is odd enough since he said it on video and has been grilled. This is the youtube age Rand.

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