• Rand Paul Supporters Attack Protestor – Step on Head

    What do you think freedom loving, civil rights, peaceful nation type Rand Paul supporters would do if someone wanted to protest? This is the sad state of delusional people. They’re literally like the Patriot Movement, which is patriotic only in name. Freedom? Freedom is just a word to them. A useless word to them. It just means submit. Vote for our guy or no one. Obey our ideology or nothing.

    Ms.¬†¬†Lauren Valle suffered a concussion and shoulder injuries from the attack by Rand Paul supporters. I know these idiots always bring up Nineteen Eighty-Four when it comes to their view of today’s world, but this is truly “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.

    So who was the guy that did the stomping? Tim Profitt. Who’s that guy?


    Rand Paul Bourbon County coordinator Tim Profitt. Nice Paul, you really pick them don’t you. Violent freedom lovers that are peaceful! Mr. Profitt received probation for his assault.

    Who’s the other guy? Mike Pezzano. Not much to say on him, except that he is just a guy that likes to tackle women and grab their breasts. Freak.

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