• Ron Paul Loses Maine

    What a surprise, the loser just keeps on losing every state. The Paultards are getting upset with the losing streak calling voter fraud, yet again. Let’s look at some of the pissing and moaning now:

    I left to go to the grocerie store and RP was ahead, I just looked in and now he’s lost Maine too. Come on people this can’t be happening. how are they doing this?

    Less than 200 votes separating Romney and Paul with only 83.7% of precincts reporting, and they call Romney the winner? This is called fraud, and media complicity in fraud.
    [ME] Look up the definition of fraud before using it[/ME]

    Google and politico don’t show the county results. CNN doesnt even have a link to the map on the front page like they normally do. I suspect voter fraud.

    My thoughts exactly. There were more people at the rallies than voted? WTF?? 1.5 Million people and less than 2,000 show up for Ron Paul?? thats nonsense. What about all those stories about him winning precient after precient, WHOLE COUNTIES, but somehow Romney gets more votes? VOTER FRAUD.

    If you feel demoralized and question what you are going to do, this is EXACTLY the response they need and the reason they will not let Paul win a caucus. I hate to say it but our country, most countries rig elections ALL THE TIME. Sure its frustrating, but it is where we live. DELEGATES GOTTA KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE FRICKIN’ BALL. DELEGATES!

    The GOP and the MSM will talk this down at ALL COSTS. But right now, it is RON PAUL that has won the most delegates! Yes, it is easy to get caught up in all the hype of the vote…but the vote is actually meaningless to the RP Campaign’s goals.
    [ME]Yup, winning is against Ron Paul’s Campaign goals[/ME]

    The crowd booed, then went eerily silent, when the results were revealed. “Liar!” shouted one supporter when state chairman Charlie Webster announced the results. “How many dead voted?” cried another. Even as Webster continued to speak, the crowd resumed talking among themselves and ignored the remainder of the announcement.
    [ME]LOL. Sore Losers[/ME]

    As far as I am concern, Ron Paul is leading in delegates.
    [ME]No he’s not[/ME]

    I am quite impressed with how EVERY State on these websites other than Maine shows a county breakdown, yet Maine does not…seems fishy to me, sorry.
    [ME]Must be the New World Order.[/ME]

    We probably won, but will NEVER know,,
    [ME]He didn’t win. Fact.[/ME]

    Guess what, though. More and more people are seeing right through it. 36% of Mainers did, and that’s better than any other state….so far.
    [ME]2000/1500000 != 36%[/ME]

    Cnn shows 95% reporting google shows 83.7% but the vote counts are the same. How is that possible?
    [ME]The New World Order only screws with your head.[/ME]

    Well, that’s enough for now.

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