• Ron Paul Paints Conspiracy of Malaysian Airlines Plane Shot Down

    Just incase the twitter thing above goes down, it reads:

    Questions remain regarding the downed Malaysia Airlines plane. Too bad our gov’t won’t paint the full picture: link

    The website is one of Ron Paul’s masterpiece websites, “Voices of Liberty”. This particular article also contains another proudly displayed meme quote of Ron Paul.

    Some independent sources claim that bullet holes may have come from a fighter jet. If true, it would implicate Western Ukraine. – Ron Paul July 17 2014

    I wonder what independent sources those would be Ron… Russia Today?

    The website also contains a great comment section too.


    Just think how much better the US would have been, If MR Ron Paul, would have been elected?? But you can’t beat a fixed election,


    Euro Union hungry for expansion? Western CFR happy to oblige with a little mayhem in Eastern Europe?


    What happened to the evidence recorded on the black boxes?  If they had proof, wouldn’t they have played the recordings of the pilots conversation?  The black boxes should have explained how and why the plane was taking the long route instead of the shorter route the other planes were taking.


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