• Ron Paul Sites are Obsessed with Jews, Zionists and Israel

    What I’ve been doing is a little research into some of the popular Ron Paul sites using Google to determine how much content there is containing words. This is a great way to see what values that supporters hold.


    I thought I’d just do some searches and see what came up as values. Ron Paul’s foreign policy is “mind our own business”, you would assume that there would be very little talk about Israel or Zionism for that matter. Ron Paul is also against foreign aid to countries. Since Israel receives roughly 5% of all US foreign aid you would assume that there would be a lot of other countries discussed instead of one country (like Israel) being picked on.

    As you can see from the results, this is a pretty big number. Well, I guess that isn’t fair to say. 131,000 pages on the Daily Paul site contains the word Israel. Let’s compare it against something else to put things into perspective. Let’s see, what other issues and current events are Ron Paul fanatics obsessed with. Oh I know, the Iraq war. That seems to be like their main issue, at least for the mainstream.

    Only 125,000 pages with Iraq on it compared to 131,000 pages for Israel.

    The biggest issue for Ron Paultards is the Federal Reserve and as you can see below this is a topic of greater interest than Israel.

    Since the Federal Reserve topic is very important I thought I’d see how many Federal Reserve pages contained any of the following words: Jews, Zionist, Zionism, Zion or Israel.

    And let’s again compare it to an issue related to the Federal Reserve, like the Gold Standard that Ron Paul keeps going on about.

    As you can see, when it comes to the Federal Reserve, the topic of Jews, Zion(ist/ism) and Israel are much more popular than the topic of Federal Reserve and the Gold Standard.

    Let’s Review (with bonus searches added): [Numbers are pages on site]

    “Federal Reserve”: 186,000
    Israel OR Zionist OR Zionism OR Zion OR Jew OR Jewish OR Jews: 152,000
    Israel: 131,000 (Roughly 20% of all pages contain the word Israel on the entire site)
    Bush: 130,000 (Yes Israel is more popular than Bush)
    Iraq: 125,000
    “Federal Reserve” AND (Jews OR Zionist OR Zionism OR Zion OR Israel): 37,700
    Jew OR Jewish: 35,500
    “Birth Certificate”: 22,100
    “Federal Reserve” AND “Gold Standard”: 18,500
    “Inside Job”: 15,500
    Mossad: 6100
    “Mark Levin” AND Jew: 3240
    Jew AND Gold: 1500

    RonPaulForum (Liberty Forest Forum)

    This site shows some different results compared to Daily Paul. Even though DailyPaul is a very popular Ron Paul website, it is one that is considered on the crazier side. For this site, Iraq is indeed more popular than Israel and Bush is also more popular than Israel. The Federal Reserve and the Gold Standard are more related than the Federal Reserve and Jews/Zionism/Zionist/Zion/Israel.

    Let’s get a breakdown: *RonPaul Forums has more pages than Daily Paul, so take a look at results per capita

    “Federal Reserve”: 117,000 (Much less popular compared to DailyPaul)
    Bush: 147,000 (More searches than Daily Paul, but less of total pages)
    Iraq: 108,000 (Much less interest)
    Israel: 57,100
    Jew or Jewish: 30,800 (More popular than the Federal Reserve and Gold Standard)
    “Federal Reserve” AND “Gold Standard”: 20,900
    “Federal Reserve” AND (Jews OR Zionist OR Zionism OR Zion OR Israel): 10,400
    “Inside Job”: 5770
    “Birth Certificate”: 5760
    Mossad: 2910
    “Mark Levin” AND Jew: 225
    Jew AND Gold: 0

    Campaign for Liberty

    This is a site that was actually created by Ron Paul. I’d assume from a campaigning point of view that they would be very restrictive with the type of content that they let on the site.

    “Federal Reserve”: 34,200
    Bush: 19,200
    Iraq: 15,100
    Israel: 5210
    “Federal Reserve” AND “Gold Standard”: 2670
    “Federal Reserve” AND (Jews OR Zionist OR Zionism OR Zion OR Israel): 2570 (Practically the same as the Federal Reserve and Gold Standard)
    “Birth Certificate”: 1060
    “Inside Job”: 390
    Mossad: 188
    Jew AND Gold: 127
    Jew or Jewish: 120
    “Mark Levin” AND Jew: 5

    I’ll leave it up to you to take away what you want from this. I think this shows that there is a very unhealthy obsession and look at Israel, though this varies from site to site. Just to put one last scare into you, of all the sites listed here, the most extreme one (DailyPaul) is the most popular (according to Alexa). In fact, it is almost twice as popular. If you consider that all three of these sites are socially based where users sign up and can put up content, the one with the most traffic also has the most extreme views.

    Just sayin’.

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