• Ron Paul Supporters Proudly Subvert Democracy

    Well the DailyPaul website is alive with chatter about how they invaded the Clark County convention and their intention of ruining other conventions to help subvert democracy. I certainly hope the rules for these states change, so manipulative, sleezy politicians like Ron Paul can’t go around the democratic process to get delegates. They just need to set it up as a winner take all state, or divide up the delegates based on percentage of vote. So you can stop the Ron Paul supporters from infiltrating and politicizing the election process, so they can subvert democracy.

    Just look at how proud they are (via Google redirect)

    Here is some literature that was being handed out at the Iowa caucuses. I’m sure this same anti-democracy filth to elect the most unpopular candidate is circulating at any event they can manipulate by outdated and retarded state rules.

    Ron Paul iowa caucus doc – 2


    There is a site on this too titled Ron Paul Delegates (via Google redirect). This is the most disgusting display of anti-democracy bulls##t I’ve ever seen. Listen to this…

    A delegate is essentially a super-voter; They get to vote for the GOP nominee. Regular voters will ONLY be voting to determine the number of delegates for the candidates in your state Primary (or caucus); Regular voters can’t vote for the GOP nominee. Remember, our system of government is a republic and not a democracy.

    Remember children, it isn’t you who gets to select the nominee, it’s those who know the system and how to manipulate their way through the ranks. Obviously the GOP isn’t a “system of government”, but a political party. So Paul supporters are subverting the democratic process of selecting a nominee for a political party. But there is more anti-democracy, anti-choice, anti-voter, anti-YOU talk…

    Delegates control everything in their party, from the bylaws and platform to even what candidate gets to run on their partys ticket. Yes the delegates can actually control what candidates get placed on the ballots. This is complete control of the party and gives us the tools we need to take the GOP and every other party back to it’s roots.

    What the author means by “roots” is taking over the political process to manipulate and make sure only their candidate of choice is given all the advantages. As much as Paul supporters like to complain about Voter Fraud, the simple fact is that this is a form of voter fraud. It’s robbing the integrity of the nomination process for political gain. Sleezy Ron Paul and his even sleezier supporters.

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