• Ron Paul Supporters Ruin Missouri Caucus’ for Everyone!

    If there isn’t any more reasons to hate these people, it has to be the absolute baby nature of them. Nothing but a bunch of sore losers that can’t handle the fact that their prophet is not popular enough to get anywhere within the Republican nomination let alone winning a Presidency. Since Ron Paul realized his results have been a consistent lose state after state, he has been working at hi-jacking the caucuses to steal delegates to the candidate that received more votes and are more deserving of delegates.

    I told you in a previous post how they were trying to subvert democracy and this is exactly what I’m talking about. Ron Paul’s campaign, SuperPACs and illegal “non-profits” like Campaign for Liberty are handing out information to help supporters hijack these caucus meetings and take over. Missouri is just the next one on the table and at least people are trying to stop these raging Paultard lunatics, so this one ended up getting shut down. I found that the media hasn’t really been investigating the real culprits that much, but at least you see some glimmer of information, like how two Ron Paul supporters were arrested because they just couldn’t behave like rational human beings. As they were being carted off they were yelling things about totalitarianism, police state and whatever conspiracy they believe in.

    This isn’t about free speech, this is about reasonable behavior. This is the type of stuff that they had to put up with at these Caucus’, just listen:

    They don’t even know how the caucus process works. They were literally reading the fliers printed off by the Paul campaigners to scream out things and destroy the event for everyone.

    I know the vast majority of us know how to behave in a public gathering. It’s sort of like what you learn in school. You raise your hand and talk in order like reasonable and civilized human beings. I know bringing that up here is pointless since Paul supporters are all home schooled and think schools brainwash or something like that.

    Behaving like reasonable human beings and good losers is the way to be. Not this babyish tantrum. Typical.

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