• Ron Paul’s Super Crappy Super Tuesday

    The Washington Times had a great article today titled “Ron Paul: 0-for-23“. No matter what he seems to do he just seems to keep on losing. He’s just the Republican freak show with nothing to offer real voters. I was reading this article and of course I always go down to the comments to see the retardation that ensues. I thought I’d share a little bit of what is going on.

    23 states and your telling me almost our entire country wants Santorum, Gingrich, or Romney as our president. Either our country is full of an ignorant zombie population or this election season is full of corruption.

    Yes Junior, Ron Paul has to win or it’s obviously some sort of election fraud.

    The media black out is obvious if you are objective enough to give it a fair consideration.

    It’s a media conspiracy that the establishment doesn’t want you to know the cool hip things about Ron Paul. There’s coverage of Ron Paul. They talk about how he’s a loser. How he’s a racist. How he’s an idiot. Seems like spot on reporting and not a blackout.

    Fraud fraud fraud. Google Ron Paul Vote Flipping and do a little research. The only logical conclusion is that Paul votes are being given to Romney.

    You heard it first folks. The establishment is taking the massive Ron Paul votes to Romney so he can win. lol

    It’s fraud. No doubt in my mind, fraud.

    If my candidate doesn’t win, it’s fraud. But if he wins, it’s not fraud.

    The point people miss about Paul is his appeal to Independents and disaffected Dems.

    Correction: Ron Paul appeals to one issue people. Either it be pot smokers or the anti-war crew. Little do these ‘tards realize is that other political opinions follow these issues.

    What does that matter if the GOP is rigging the vote count?

    Why vote if it’s rigged? Shouldn’t you be trying to fix the election process before trying to elect your candidate? If my car didn’t have tires, I’d put tires on it before I’d try to drive it.

    Ron Paul would be the front runner this entire time if the Independents and Democrats who GET his message could vote for him in these primaries.

    *rolls eyes* Why doesn’t Ron Paul run for the Democrats if that’s what is keeping him back? lol

    What a stupid title. It doesn’t matter if he’s “0-for-23” as long as he has enough delegates to back him up. Even the MSM has admitted that Paul looks to have the second most delegates at this point.

    First Ron Paul doesn’t have remotely enough delegates to “back him up”. Secondly the mainstream media shows Ron Paul in dead last with delegates. Let’s take a look at say… CNN. Lunatic Ron Paul has an estimated 67. Loser Gingrich has an estimated 118. Lunatic Santorum has an estimated 169. And the winner Mitt Romney has 429. There’s the mainstream media.

    Do the math. 2500 total delegates, and 1700 of them are Paul supporters. Who will they vote for in round 2?

    This would be excellent news for Ron Paul if it was based on something like fact, reason, logic or reality.

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