• Ron Paultards Manipulation of Online Polls

    There’s no secret that Ron Paultards areĀ notorious for manipulating whatever polls they can, which typically means the online ones. I was just taking a look at the DailyPaul website and came across someone looking for Paultards to vote in an online poll. What annoys me the most is that this is a small Iowa newspaper that just put up a little poll for their readers and these morons come to manipulate it. It’s disgusting. It’s so manipulated that anyone that looks at the poll knows it and I’m hoping these acts just backfire (or “blowback”) in Ron Paul’s face because people are sick of the total lack of integrity by his supporters.

    All that table gave was the percentage of votes received for a person, but when I looked at the HTML I was able to see the number of votes for each candidate. For a small Iowa newspaper barely anyone participated in this poll and the Paultards came along to be retarded.

    Check out the results for yourself atĀ Iowa State Daily. This poll will definitely be removed since there is nothing more than manipulation by Ron Paul supporters. Another likely result is that Ron Paul will be removed from the poll. Paultards will claim persecution.

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