• RPS is back with lighting fast AWS

    Hello readers,

    Over the last year or a little more I ended up putting this site on hold. As a viewer you most likely wouldn’t have noticed a single change, but on the backend I made the website static. That doesn’t mean much to you other than the usual commenting process was replaced by Disqus.

    Ron Paul is a retired politician at this point and there really isn’t much point for this website anymore. Can I do something with Rand Paul? Possibly. I’ve debated over this the last year about what I should do with this website. It’s still a valuable source of information and an archive of Ron Paul. The other side of the coin is that this is cost to me (this website doesn’t make any money), it costs me time and there is always a potential for an exposure to doxing. I do want this website to live on.

    I signed up for service at AWS, which is cloud hosting provided by Amazon. It’s the same services that big websites like reddit use. It’s lighting fast compared to the old shared hosting I was on before. As an interesting experiment, I want to see how much speed results in changes to the search rankings of this website. With that said, the lighting fast website is an experiment. If it turns out to be far too expensive and without any gains, the site will return to the old slower shared host and the static html framework. And it’ll sit until I’m sick of paying the $10/year for the domain name and whatever for hosting.

    I have two ideas:

    I want writers on this site. I want people that share the same hatred of Ron Paul that would like to contribute content. I wish I could do it all, but I simply don’t have the time to write it nor the time/energy to drudge through the libertarian sphere on the internet.

    If I can’t achieve that, I’m not really sure what I’ll do. Maybe some anti-Rothbard type content.

    Other than that, I’m going to start asking for donations to help with the increased costs of this website. Ironically, I’ll have to accept donations as Bitcoin, not because I like Bitcoins, but to protect myself from doxing. I can at least receive donations without someone finding out personal information and then calling up my work. I’ll get around to the “how” part of donating eventually.

    Overall I’m not overly optimistic about the future of this site. 🙁