• Site to be finished and archived

    I’ve decided what I’m going to do with this site. I’m going to move it back to anĀ archived state when I’m done. The plan isn’t to let the site die. I hope to hold onto it for several more years. Archiving means that I’m simply going to make it a static website. It will look identical to the original, but there will no longer be server side processing. This makes the site secure, safe, very low computing power and fast for viewers.

    Once archived, there will be no more updates. With that said, I plan to finish some of the content on this website, so it isn’t archived with incomplete content or ‘coming soon’. I want this to be a good archive of information and completed. I however made a little side project located at (!DroneRPS) http://dronerps.ronpaulsupporters.com/ . This is an ongoing project and something that won’t be archived.

    A few things on the agenda to bring the site up to complete:

    1. Responsive layout: This is something that the site currently is missing. What that means is that the website is designed for a computer viewing experience. If you were to view this website on a smaller tablet or on your phone it wouldn’t respond to the size of the screen. This means that you’d have to scroll left and right, which isn’t good for a website. A responsive layout will adjust to the size of the viewing screen and look appropriate.
    2. Complete Pages & Coming soon: There are a few pages that need more content and others that just need to be started. So the plan is to complete them.
    3. Add Disqus to all pages: Disqus is an offsite commenting system. A big benefit to me (as a site owner) is that it deals with spam protection and it loads offsite. This means that I can add it to an archived static page and viewers can still leave comments. Currently it is only on some pages right now, but I’ll add it to all content.

    These are the items on the agenda. It will take me time to finish these items, but upon completion everything will be archived.

    Update July 8 2016: Archiving Complete.