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    Ron Paul Loves Conspiracy Book

    “The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve” is a book by G. Edward Griffin. I’ve actually read this book myself. I feel bad that my money actually went to support this raving lunatic and conspiracy theorist, but none the less the book informed me of the mentality and thinking of Ron Paul and his supporters when it comes to the topic of End the Fed.

    Here is the back cover of the Creature from Jekyll Island. Look who is on there giving a little review. It’s Mr. Ron Paul. He thinks the book is superb. It even shows this plug by Ron Paul on the Amazon page for this book, except under Ron Paul’s name it has Publisher/Editor, Ron Paul Report. You know, the Ron Paul newsletters.

    This book is meant to be presented as a look into the Federal Reserve, but actually this is just one big book on the topic of the New World Order. It’s thick and has over 600 pages.  I don’t know what the copyright information is on this book, but I do see that there is a copy of the book on Scribd. If you want to learn the insanity and retardation of Ron Paul and his supporters you’ll read this crazy conspiracy book.

    The very first review of this book on Amazon is a praising of it, but it does share one little aspect in a paragraph:

    Griffin does believe in the conspiratorial view of history, and he believes that the bankers are working in concert with such groups as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission to bring about a socialist-world system in which an elite composed of intellectuals and bankers will rule over the entire planet. Griffin even spends a chapter outlining how this system could come about, and the consequent results of this socialist system. These chapters are a bit unsettling…

    This book is full of conspiracies. It is all conspiracies. It presents very little facts, even though it foot notes things. But the footnotes lead to other conspiracy literature. This book claims that the American civil war was created by the Rich Banking elite/globalists/New World Order. That they planned to have the British army to build up on the Northern border of the United States and the French on the Southern border of the United States. The rich banking elite had decided that Americans will go off, kill themselves, the British and French would come in, take over and divide up the nation. This is actually in this book. The book is a huge joke and it’s hard to read, but you’ll get an idea of what Ron Paul is about.

    The author G. Edward Griffin has written other books such as World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17, Fearful Master: A Second Look at the United Nations, This is the John Birch Society (an invitation to membership) and there are some other weird ones not worth mentioning.

    The World Without Cancer one is yet again a conspiracy theorist one. This is the idea that FDA and “the elite” are trying to stop people from getting certain vitamins because the big pharmaceutical companies won’t be able to make money. This herbal crap has been debunked, but he thinks this is the solution. This crap has been proven to not work and modern medicine is the way into the future. But Ron Paul is also one of those “alternative” medicine freaks even though they don’t work and that’s his alternative to getting health care costs down.

    Fearful Master is a conspiracy book on the UN. This is a book on the New World Order, one world government retardation.

    This is the John Birch Society is a book on the conspiracy theorist organization called the John Birch Society.

    The guy is nuts. His books are nuts. And Ron Paul thinks they’re “superb”.

    G. Edward Griffin has also founded the Freedom Force International, which as you can guess is an organization of crack pots and conspiracy theorists. I’m not going to link to the website, as per my linking policy, but you can rest assured that the site is full of conspiracy theories and even has a section on the site dedicated to the “New World Order”. Just doing a search of the site and using keywords found some interesting (and un-surprising) stuff. 9/11 Inside job crap, Council of Foreign Relations creating the laws of the land, etc.

    There you have it people. This is the type of person that Ron Paul thinks writes “superb” conspiracy theories about the New World Order and the banking elite. This is the crap Ron Paul believes. This is the crap that Ron Paul supporters believe. This is a lunatic that shouldn’t be followed, but a person that should be shunned.

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  1. Steve says:

    As a member of the Congress House Banking Comittee, I would posit that Mr Paul is more qualified to comment on the literary work of Griffin than you are. Therefore I also posit that you are nought but a ‘Troll’ 😉

    • Anonymous Admin says:

      Is that a joke? An elected official sat on a committee, therefore they’re an expert? How many people would you regard as anti-Freedom have sat in that same committee. I’ll just assume you’ve retracted your idiotic statement.

  2. Freedom says:

    I do not know who you are but you are so full of crap!!! “Herbal crap” as you call it, ignorantly I might add, does actually heal people. There is a time and place for drugs but they generally do not heal but mask the underlying problem. Also, the side affects on many drugs are worse than the original ailment. Is anyone that does not agree with your sordid way of thinking a “conspiracy theorists”? You need to get your head out of the sand.