• The Rand Paul Delusion: President 2016

    Rand Paul Pee Comparison eh?

    So it has started, at little early. Rand Paul is going to be the next President of the United States of America. At least that’s what the Rand Paultards are saying on Reddit’s Libertarian forum. Another delusional article on why Rand is so great and is going to win. It’s all so interesting as the article paints Rand as a realist, but his supporters aren’t. Doesn’t it seem a little easy to start with such an optimistic point of view, considering the media will ride him hard. Think, Rand Paul and the Civil Rights Act. Or his idea of using drones to kill people without trial, as long as they’re Americans on American soil. He also holds the opposite position, but what can anyone really expect from a Paul.

    Anyway, what does this article say about their beloved new profit… I mean prophet.

    1. Rand’s daddy has laid a solid foundation in the early primaries.

    Not actually sure what “solid foundation” his father has laid, but I don’t think they mean a tradition of losing, failure and wasting time. I assume they mean a base of dedicated supporters ready to subvert the primaries process and voters. But I think we can rest assure that we’ll see quite a similar run as his dad did.

    2. Rand sounds like an authentic Conservative

    Guess what! Libertarians hate everyone that isn’t libertarian and of course no one will sound conservative if your definition is that they need to sound libertarian. Libertarians have this odd desire to reword and rewrite definitions of words. Libertarians are true conservatives. Conservatives aren’t libertarians, unless they’re libertarian conservatives.  The only reason Rand sounds authentic to you is that you agree with him. How profound! It’s like every other politician and their supporters.

    3. Rand Walks the Walk

    They use the example of him returning $600,000 of his office budget back to the treasury. This is something I can support. I read that this $600k represents more than 20% of his budget… Wait what? That means he has an annual budget of $3 million for an office (not including his own salary). Where the hell does the rest of the money go? Anyway, how does this prove he walks the walk? Rand certainly talks the talk.

    4. Rand wants to end the war on drugs

    Is this what the Paul supporters are hoping for? One issue voters? Do you think people that want to legalized marijuana and LSD are the same people that support automatic weapons? Delusional! It doesn’t take much to drive a wedge in that support.

    5. Rand hates war and wants peace

    He’s an isolationist like his father. Why anyone would support the position of automatically taking a non-position is beyond me? We aren’t just people living within borders. We are all people. Why people think turning their back on the rest of the world when SIDES NEED TO BE TAKEN. If Rand and Ron had their way, they would have been happy to let Hitler run throughout the world and the Japanese controlling the Pacific. They don’t care. Hitler could amass on the border and they’d try to stop any attempt of any country from defending themselves. Sick

    6. Rand is against the nanny state

    Well I can support that. Many politicians support such a position. Big Whoop.

    7. Voting for Rand is voting for freedom and liberty

    And the framing we seen with the Ron Paulbot. This has less to do with voting for liberty and freedom. If you vote against Rand you hate freedom and liberty. Yeah, sure. Mature. Not everyone agrees with Rand’s view of freedom. At the end of the day the Paul’s don’t really believe in much freedom. They ramble on about the Constitution, but they never talk about how things work beyond the constitution. “Congress shall not…” Yeah the state can though.

    8. Hillary Clinton will be running high and crash???

    I’m not really sure what they’re trying to say about this point, but this has nothing to do with Rand Paul. If Hillary crashes, it probably won’t matter who the Republican Party chooses.

    9. Rand supporters women issues more than Hillary

    I had to laugh. What is his view on abortion? Abortion from a rape? Sexual harassment in the work place? Yeah. That’s what I thought. Idiot.

    10. Rand did a 13 hour filibuster

    No one has ever filibustered, ever. In fact, Rand invented it.

    11. Rand is a realist

    No. He’s not. He lives in ideological isolation that many politicians live in.

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