• The “Real” Reason for the War on Terror

    Have you ever wondered why the War on Terror is happening? I don’t because I actually watched the events of 9/11 occur. ¬†Apparently Paulbots have their own opinion (or sorry, it has to be facts since they’re Paultards), so I thought I’d show you why we really are in the War on Terror.

    Hegemony highlighted for the stupidity of what was written.

    There you have it. It’s Israel and the Globalists. Or it could be the globalists and Israel, I’ve heard it both ways. I’ve also heard that Israel are the globalists or what the globalists are Israelis. Something like that anyway. But there you have it. 9/11 wasn’t really the reason for this, it was Israel and the globalists.

    Oh and it wouldn’t be a nice Ron Paul conspiracy without the Federal Reserve being brought up for no apparent reason. Oh wait, as I recall, they believe the Federal Reserve has started all American wars. There’s no doubt in my mind that this person is a 9/11 conspiracy theorists, but I looked it up anyway (one day I’m hoping to be proved wrong). He is one.

    But there you have it. Verbal¬†diarrhea of elders of Zion crap, that’s Paul supporters for you.