• Warning Ribbon – Referer Display

    I’ve been working on some of the items behind the scenes (things that don’t show changes on the site). Mainly items addressing spam related concerns. Also building the infrastructure to ban and block, but I haven’t had the need for such things.

    Referer Displayed

    While I was going through that I decided to set up a few little interesting things now. If you look to the footer (the bottom) of each page you should get a display of your “HTTP_REFERER”, or better known as the link you clicked to get to the page. I can assure that this isn’t tracked in anyway other than regular website stats. I don’t database it in anyway for my own personal manipulations. I just put it there to mess around with the Paul supporters that frequent the site.

    Warning Ribbon

    I also decided to add a warning ribbon to the top of the page. You can only see it if you are referred to this website from the DailyPaul website. I’ll add more Ron Paul related websites when the need arises. Sometimes they’ll link to one of my pages and an influx of a few thousand end up coming to the site.