• Where do Conspiracies Come From?


    This is a nice little screenshot of what is going on at the Radical Paul website Daily Paul. This is the thing that a lot of people don’t seem to pick up on when it comes to Ron Paul and Rand Paul. It’s the kooks in the background, deep inside an internet forum on a website you probably never seen.  The paranoia. The complete disregard of the actual facts of the event. And of course, nothing more than a rejection of the government and what it is doing. If it isn’t some government cover up to “steal” our civil liberties, it is total martial law police state. Even the most idiotic conspiratards get their chance in these events.

    Best response ever.

    The Boston Bombs were horrible and a totally unnecessary event occurred. Not only did people die, but many more were wounded and an even larger group of people have been psychologically. I think of the child that died. His mother badly wounded and a sister with legs blown off. And a father that just wanted to run in a marathon. An entire family destroyed. Good people have made stands. The people that rushed to save the lives of those that fell after the bombs went off. Ordinary people like waitresses at a local restaurant, or just some guy watching the event. I would like to personally thank the doctors and nurses that tended to the wounded. You’re the ones fighting the battles we don’t see. You’re the ones that keep the death rate low. I would like to also thank the thousands of police officers that are concerned with our safety and getting both of these maniacs off the street. And some of the simple people on the internet that are sick of the conspiracy theorists like the person who bought bostonbombingconspiracy.com, just so some asshole can’t buy it and start the conspiracies.

    Painting these attacks as a conspiracy is not only an attack on the truth, but an attack on the victims themselves.

    Let’s take a look at what the Paul supporters are up to. When you’re looking to get reliable news and resources on current events where would you go? Right, directly to Alex Jones!


    Here’s a nice screenshot of what I’m talking about. How can you put any real trust into a Paul supporter (the trust promoters and propagandists of Ron and Rand) when they go to Alex Jones? What value to this world does Alex Jones offer to anyone? Nothing. They’re upset that it’s the “Neo-Con” narrative. That’s it’s the evil Muslims, but it’s really the government. Sorry. Government TM. Damn what a bunch of ignorant morons. The government sets up bombs and finds some Muslims and bam. How can anyone really believe this?

    But there is always something that has really grinds my gears with libertarians/paleoconservatives or whatever “liberty” movement they’re apart of.

    28 Still Photos of What Martial Law In Boston Looks Like. - Peace . Gold . Liberty

    It’s this concept of martial law. Any time the police or the government tries to do something that makes us safer is an attack on freedom. I’m not saying that the concept of safety and security can’t be abused to reduce freedom, but the idea that this is the governments anti-freedom move? Bullshit. Know who the real enemy of freedom is here… the people blowing up bombs at a marathon race. The idea that security and freedom are mutually exclusive and that freedom should always come first. Sorry. You’re wrong. You’re wrong from a common sense point of view. You’re wrong from a philosophical point of view.

    Freedom, liberty, speech, whatever requires security. You’re never free when someone is setting off bombs. You’re never free when someone is causing chaos. The idea that the government is stealing your freedom is a failure on your part. Your freedom was stolen the day these guys set off those bombs. And when the government and the police want to get these horrible people off the street you piss all over them.

    Grow up morons. You’re wrong. You’re idiots. And you need to rethink your political ideology!

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