• Who is Michael Nystrom?

    In the real world Michael Nystrom is a no one. He means nothing. No one knows him and no one is aware of his extreme views. In the online world he has a lot more influence and is a big player with Ron Paul. Michael Nystrom is the creator of Daily Paul, which is probably the most successful Ron Paul community on the internet. I’m not trying to rat this guy or anything. The reason I’m putting this up (and yes I’m going to answer it) is that Michael is a typical Ron Paul supporter with all the craziness that goes with it.

    Here is the domain whois information for Daily Paul, as a way to illustrate that I’m talking about the right person here.

    Domain name: dailypaul.com
    Registrant Contact:
     Blissful Inc
     Michael Nystrom ()
     93A Fairmont Street
     Arlington, MA 02474
    Administrative Contact:
     Blissful Inc
     Michael Nystrom ()
     Fax: +1.5555555555
     93A Fairmont Street
     Arlington, MA 02474
    Technical Contact:
     Blissful Inc
     Michael Nystrom ()
     Fax: +1.5555555555
     93A Fairmont Street
     Arlington, MA 02474
    Status: Locked
    Name Servers:
    Creation date: 19 Jan 2007 23:42:19
     Expiration date: 19 Jan 2013 23:42:19

    The Daily Paul website is a social community where lots of people can put up stories, share opinions and say things they want to about Ron Paul (as long as it makes him look good), so it’s hard to get an accurate view of this guy. We can be thankful that this conspiracy theorist has another website, which I guess he refers as his “economics” site. I’m just going to provide the information on the subject and you can figure out your own opinion on how bonkers this guy really is. And again, I’m illustrating Nystrom because he’s like the perfect example of a typical Ron Paul supporter.

    He runs a website called Bull! Not Bull! The link to this site is a redirect via Google. According to Web of Trust (WOT) this website might not be the safest to go to (see here). From what I can tell it seems fine, but just going to lay it out there for you.

    Please click on the image thumbnail above as this is a screenshot of the website I’m referring too. I’ve put arrows and numbers on this screenshot to draw your attention to what I’m talking about. This is very important to understanding the true nature of Ron Paul supporters. There are a ton of links on this site and I didn’t go through it all. I basically pointed to the things that stood out and I’m going to address them one by one.

    1. Unhealthy Obsession with Gold

    Holding a small portion of gold (or any precious metal) to remain diversified with your investments and retirement is a perfectly rational view of investing. I personally don’t subscribe to such a view because at the end of the day I have yet to get past the point that gold is just a shiny rock. Ron Paul supporters are very obsessed with gold and it really boils down to doomsday¬†Armageddon. Since we have a fiat currency, they assume the value will inevitably return to the value of the material of fiat currency. There is always an argument for such things.

    What I’m pointing out is that this is an irrational point of view. You’ll learn very quickly from Paultards that if you don’t agree and implement the exact economic policies that they want, the economy is going to crash. Also they feel that once the economy and dollar collapses that gold will be the currency by default. Since the average American doesn’t hoard gold, in an extreme economic meltdown you just have shiny rocks. People will go and trade things a lot more useful (and easy to move) such a cigarettes (which was the case in post World War 1 Germany).

    Like I said, if you want to have gold in your portfolio, fine. If you’re obsessed and hoarding it in the basement, you’re screwed in the head.

    2. Retarded Conspiracy Website

    Insert generic gold and Federal Reserve conspiracies.

    3. Retarded Conspiracy Videos

    The Money Masters is a Federal Reserve conspiracy film. Loose Change is a 9/11 conspiracy film. Why We Fight is “military industrial complex” conspiracy film. And on and on.

    4. The Independents of Conspiracy Theories

    I didn’t even know half the names listed there, but I know that they’re conspiracy theorists based by the ones I do know.

    • Alex Jones: I already have a page on this website dedicated to this lunatic.
    • Michael Rivero: This guy is probably about the first online conspiracy theorist site I ever came across. He runs a website called “What Really Happened” and he’s retarded. Before 9/11 he was obsessed with this idea that Bill Clinton was killing off people (like political opponents, not Kosovo or Iraq). After 9/11, he obviously ran with that with the typical “anti-Semitic”, “anti-Israel” propaganda. Oh and surprise surprise he’s a Ron Paul supporter.
    • Jeff Rense: This is a conspiracy theorist that really annoys me. I have to say that all conspiracy theorists annoy me, but he definitely takes the cake. He runs a website under his name (Google it). That is absolutely vile. It’s just like Alex Jones with the conspiracies except with aliens and UFOs. I know you’re thinking “well, that’s really comparing a retard to a retard that sniffs gas. It’s not that much different.” Oh it’s different because there is also a vile anti-Semitic side filling the site and a bit of occult crap. I’m literally going to have to sit down and write a page on Jeff Rense, and yes he’s a Ron Paul supporter. Just take a look at this video on AIPAC that the site links too. Not only is it completely inaccurate, but it’s intent is so vile.

    5. More Conspiracy Sites

    I didn’t go through all the sites listed there. Some of them are probably reasonable economic sites. Urban Survival is one that stands out. Yet again, a conspiracy site. This one holds the traditional 9/11 conspiracies, Federal Reserve/Gold conspiracies, but also has things on like the government creating hurricanes and earthquakes. Typical retarded stuff.

    6. Typical 9/11 Conspiracy Sites

    It wouldn’t be a Ron Paul supporter without a dedicated section for 9/11 conspiracy websites.

    7. Alternative News (with mixed in Conspiracy Sites)

    I can accept the look at alternative news sources. Places like GNN (Guerrilla News Network) would fall under this category. ¬†Though these “alternative” news sources have their own agendas, I think it is fine. The big problem I see is that he has mixed in conspiracy sites. As you can see there is Info Clearing House, this is a conspiracy site. It’s similar to Alex Jones website. Prison Planet is Alex Jones’ website. Rense is Jeff Rense’s website. There’s also What Really Happened. I’m sure there are some more in that list.

    8. Daily News

    The thing that is very important to understand here is that Paultards don’t trust the mainstream media. Since the media isn’t that interested in their extremist views or Ron Paul they tend to not trust it. This causes them to go to other sites. I pointed to the ones that I find the most problematic. They view them as reporting the “real” news the “Jew/Establishment” media in America won’t report. And you’ll notice that a lot of them aren’t too friendly to the United States. Al Jazeera is pretty straight forward. China People’s Daily is state-run. Iran’s IRNA is state-run. It really is sort of ironic for a Ron Paul supporter to have state run media listed on their website, but they promote the “America is evil” ideas that they like. Pravda is about the trashiest¬†Russian news you can get (aside from Russian Times), but both fall under news/conspiracies.

    9. K Waves

    This was a site I just took a look at because I wasn’t sure what it was. Yet again, conspiracy stuff. It tries to appear like an economics site about debt, but it’s just the typical Ron Paul conspiracy site. “Creature at Jekyll Island” crap, etc.

    The whole point of this post wasn’t to dump Mr. Michael Nystrom under the bus. Despite the fact that he’s the creator of DailyPaul means nothing. He’s actually a great representation of a typical Ron Paul supporter and I could easily show that with a simple screenshot of his other site.

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  1. Dan says:

    This website sucks.

  2. Subpar Cannoli says:

    Well… Thank God your website is relegated to the backwaters of life… Whereas Michaels was not…. Green with envy neither makes you right, an author, nor funny. It does however illustrate a severe limitation in cognitive reasoning… Kudos to your 1/3 wit, may you use it subpar.